Multii Media Forward: An Open Letter

Thank you, all of you, for joining MULTII on this journey broadening the creative industry to be inclusive to all genders, bodies, races, and professions.

We are a NeuroMarketic based Creative Team representing the authentic connection to between the New generation, brand authenticity, and cultural relevance:  giving Gen Z multi-disciplinary creatives a voice through Casting and Creative Production.

We recognize the importance and power of visibility and representation both in front and behind the lense, and therefore orcastrait campaigns that not only maintain such a vison but also create zenergetic neurotic messaging between our clients that leave meaningful relevance to there audience. We work to push the constraints of reality both within casting, production, indiation and Talent Placement.

We aid in the prevention of marginalization interdisciplinariliy, and break from traditional advairsely oppressive industry norms.

On the talent side Every artistic medium is open and accepted here at Multii, from models, actors, and chefs to dancers and intellectuals. Our mission is to begin the diversification of the creative industry, through casting as well as exclusive in-house content. By diversifying the creative industry, we want to give New Yorkers, and Poc’s Nationally a more genuine representation of themselves in the media, giving black and POC creatives the voice to create their own naritives something that hasn’t before been granted. Through production, We utilize our unique network to ideate community power within the Special Events, Campaings, Films, and Activaitons interdisciplinary ; Stimulating, Products, Ideas, Nonprofits, Brands, and beyond to their Highest potential: This uniquely separates Multii from other creative endeavours.

Looking Forward: AS individual of the future we know where Our power lies! It is a future of opportunity, hope, faith, and knowing it can only get better from here. Our Team, with the help of Our community Will continue to creative a future oriented In house Creative Production and Casting Network, reintroducing passion based work back into every project done both below and above the line.  We plan to dominate and bring our essence through unionizing Future makers into mainstream media. Creating the most breathing-giving and self-expanding experiences one can Have with their senses. We at Multii are am married to the mission, Our voice will be heard - all we can be is excited for what it will Catalyze

Livia Rose Johnson